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Use our delivery platform to create your own delivery team or sign up as a delivery agent for potential deliveries from ALL kinds of businesses.

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Create a fully functional e-store, receive orders and send emails. All in a matter of minutes!

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Create a fully functional e-store, receive orders and send emails. All in a matter of minutes!

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Why Choose Us ?

Very simply, our mission is to enable you to sell your products online.

As a business you have very limited choices. Either you use a third party platform like Amazon or E-Bay to sell and market your products. Or, you go through the website development route and deal with the stress of understanding code and back-end. Either way isn’t ideal.

Instead, choose us to make the process of going online, quick, easy and pain free. After you register, you will be guided through a simple step by step process to help you set up and customise your online store. In a very short time ( typically a couple of hrs ) you shall have your new online store ready to accept orders.


Our History

Our brilliant developers have created a platform which allows vendors to register with us, fill out their business details, products/menus and pricing and then immediately be presented with their own online ordering platform. Businesses are given complete control over their pricing and their product listings; it’s super simple to enter and change details on the platform. What’s more is that businesses get their own unique web address which they can promote or use on their existing sites. All this is made possible within a few hours on your own and without the need of any technical support, although we’re still around if you need help!

Ease Of Use

Once the website is live, customers can place an order on the site as if it was the business own website. Everything from an online transaction to order confirmations to receipt generation is taken care of. All business’ needs to do is fulfil these orders and deliver them to their customers. If you need help, we have a delivery platform which can connect you to delivery agents in your area; keep scrolling for more information.


What can we do for you?

Calling all vendors; your customers are online – are you? You may think that you have only two choices to get online; list on a third party seller which will gobble up a HUGE commission each time you make a sale or try to understand code, set up your own website and spend a large amount of time maintaining it.


There’s a third option. Use yourorder.online to take your business online with a simple, affordable, fuss-free process.


Custom Website

Get a ready made, customisable website created especially for your business shortly after you sign up with us.



Get your very own unique URL which you can direct customers to.


Complete Control

Maintain complete control over the products, prices and display on your website.


Branded Mobile App

Get a mobile app exclusive to your business which your customers can place orders on.


Customer Payments

As soon as your website is live, start receiving payments from online orders directly into your store’s account.



Get ready-made, detailed analytics with insights about product performance and sales.



Get email and SMS notifications as soon as orders come in and as soon as they are delivered.


Delivery Agents

Get the opportunity to use our delivery agent platform to connect with delivery agents for a seamless delivering process.



Not getting much online traction? Choose our pay per order option with low fees or doing well online but tired of huge overheads, then just choose a nominal monthly subscription fee.



Get paid immediately every time you complete a job. No waiting payments to hit your account at the end of the week or month.


Want to know how to fulfill orders? We’re glad you asked.


Order Online

Customers will use your brand new website to order their goods online.


Quick Pickup

Fulfill your customers’ orders quickly by having delivery agents organised to pick up orders.



Give the agents the customers’ details, the order and send them out to deliver.